Thursday, July 15, 2010

B-music at the Lincoln Center

On Thursday August 12th & Friday August 13th, in conjunction with the Film Comment Summer Meltdown Series, B-Music/Finders Keepers label will be hosting a two night film event Lincoln Center's Walter Reade Theater with Andy Votel and Mahssa Taghinia as the event curators.

Like A Phoenix From The Ashes on Thursday August 12th during will focus on Persian music (which inspired the Pomegranates compilation) and film footage with a collage of vintage reels from the 60&70's as well as archived commercials and a montage of choice selected cinema scenes with subtitled dialogue. Mahssa Taghinia and Andy Votel will be your dj throughout the night. Next, on Friday August 13th we will screen the great Australian biker flick Stone (1974; Dir. Sandy Harbutt). Andy Votel will dj a pre-show warm up set in the theater and a full on set of vintage global motorcycle-music afterwards with Brian Turner from WFMU.
Pomegranates: "Like a Phoenix from the Ashes" will begin at 9pm on Thursday and Stone will start at 8:45 pm Friday. Full details for both nights as well as the Summer Meltdown full Series Schedule
are listed below.

Tickets are available starting Thursday July 22nd through the Walter Reade Theater at Lincoln Center -165 W 65th St New York NY 10023.'

POMEGRANATES "Like A Phoenix From The Ashes"
Join us as we celebrate the release of "Pomegranates", a compilation of Persian folk, funk, and psychedelia on the Finders Keepers record label --- with a companion film collage! Following a successful sold-out premier in Los Angeles, we are proud to bring this multi-media pop-tastic collection of audio-visual rarities to New York!

This special night boasts a psychedelic visual feast of ultra-rare and never-before-screened-'till-now vintage film from '60s/'70s Iran, culled and curated from hundreds of hours and endless stacks of VHS and film of flicks from the

pre-revolution glory years. Curated by Mahssa Taghinia and Tom Fitzgerald (programmer at avant-art house Cinefamily, in Los Angeles, and director of Edan's Echo Party). Edited and "collaged" by Tom Fitzgerald, and soundtracked with an exclusive Persian mash-up mix done by Finders Keepers founder Andy Votel.

Andy will be appearing and DJing the soundtrack LIVE to the Pomegranates film exclusively at this New York screening! The night will also feature bonus visuals to accompany the feature film collage: un-earthed music video pastiche of songs from the compilation, along with vintage commercial reels and a montage of choice selected scenes with subtitled(!) dialogue.

A fun celebration of drinks, catered Persian dinner and pastries, artwork. Special guest appearances by the curators of Pomegranates will be DJing after the screening!

Amidst the protests, violence, and politically charged situation within Iran, currently, we are excited to present a positive celebration that is socially and culturally relevant and informative, within New York


Finders Keepers/B-Music U.S. and Film Comment Summer Meltdown team up here to present a rare screening of the full-throttle, genre defining granddaddy of Ozploitation cinema for one night only. Sandy Harbutt's 1974 Australian Biker-Psych auteur cult classic takes key ingredients from across the exploitation cinema palette and concocts a heady brew of Bikesploitation, Drugsploitation and Satanic Cultism for this celluloid milestone, which proceeded the likes Mad Max (while donating half of its cast) by half a decade.

Revered amongst psych-cinema-buffs, b-movie aficionados and fans of experimental rock music, Stone counts champions such as Quentin Tarantino amongst its disciples who owns one of the few remaining prints in his collection. Comprising an infectious soundtrack by the seldom-traveled cognoscenti of Aussie funk rock (recently re-issued by celebrated lost-pop librarians B-Music / Finders Keepers), Stone provides perhaps the only record of any genre that mixes Power-Moogs with didgeridoo.

The evening will be bookended with the U.S. debut of Finders Keeper's Andy Votel's Cock Diesel biker-psych DJ/VJ club night which blends vintage global motorcycle-music (Global Cock Rock / Bikers OSTS / Full Throttle Fuzz / Power-Bike-Psych) with custom built footage from a life-long library of international biker b-movies. For this one-off event Andy will be joined by WFMU’s Brian Turner and Mahssa Taghinia (B-Music U.S). Take The Trip.

Film Comment Summer Meltdown Full Schedule

1:00 The Kids Are Alright
3:00 Year of the Horse
5:10 Zabriskie Point
7:30 Enter the Void

Thursday 12
2:00 Zabriskie Point
4:15 200 Motels
9:00 Pomegranates Program

Friday 13
2:00 Performance
4:15 The Great Rock ’n’ Roll Swindle
6:30 Year of the Horse
8:45 Stone

Saturday 14
2:00 Zabriskie Point
4:15 Coming Back for More
6:00 The Kids Are Alright
8:00 Suburbia

Sunday 15
1:45 The Great Rock ’n’ Roll Swindle
4:00 Return to Waterloo
6:00 The American Dreamer
8:00 Out of the Blue WITH A Hero in Our Time

Monday 16
2:00 Return to Waterloo
4:00 Performance
6:15 200 Motels
8:30 UbuWeb/WFMU Remixed

Tuesday 17
2:00 Year of the Horse
4:15 The Kids Are Alright

6:15 Performance

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